Metal Gear Sunrising is video uploaded by popular YouTube user, Freddie Wong (freddiew). It was made to promote Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Metal Gear Sunrising


"Raiden has an epidode of PTSD triggered whenever he uses a blender."


The video starts where we see a room, then we hear Raiden that he stays at American Gardens building on the 31st floor. Raiden introduces himself, and he's been a cyborg for over 6 years. We then see Raiden polishing his sword, while explaining he takes care of himself on a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. Then we see him polishing his cyborg body and using WD-40 for his cybernetic limbs. Then we see Raiden doing push-ups in a fast motion, complaining also that he could do about a thousands now. Then we see Raiden slicing fruits by throwing them upward and slicing them, then puts the sliced fruits on the blender, mixing them. While mixing them, he thinks about being in his old Jack The Ripper persona, which he sees two soldiers (played by Brandon and Freddie) down from the building. Raiden jumps down from the building and stabs the soldier, scaring the other one away. Raiden chases the soldier very fast and cuts him down and kick him into pieces. After that, it goes back to reality, where Raiden is mixing fruits the blender, ending the video.


Metal Gear Sunrising03:24

Metal Gear Sunrising


Behind the Scenes - Metal Gear Sunrising09:30

Behind the Scenes - Metal Gear Sunrising


  • The video is an obvious parody of the first scene on American Psycho, which the main character does something in the morning.
  • In the part when Raiden slices the fruits with his style, it's a possible reference to Fruit Ninja.
  • When the soldier (Freddie) ran away from Raiden, the scream he made is the infamous goat scream, as said by people.
  • Quinton Flynn does Raiden's narration in this video, while the one who acted Raiden is an unknown actor.


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